Nexus 1000V seminars

Register here for the webinar schedule and register for seminars. First seminar starts on February 9, 2010.
Topics include:
• Nexus 1000V Switch Business Impact and Return on Investment
• Basic Nexus 1000V Switch Features
• Accelerating Data Center Virtualization with Nexus 1000V Switch
• Advanced Nexus 1000V Switch Features
• Nexus 1000V Customer Panel
• Virtualize DMZ with Nexus 1000V Switch
• Analyst Panel Roundtable Discussion: Nexus 1000V Switch
• Approach Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance with Nexus 1000V Switch
• Ecosystem Partners & Products
• VN-Link and the Future of Virtual Networking
• Channel Partner Roundtable Discussion
• Interoperability with VMware Products
• Infrastructure as a Service Reference Architecture
• Cisco Nexus 1010 Virtual Services Appliance
• Advanced Networking in a Virtualized Environment
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